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- OEM and ODM Customer

OEM and ODM Customer Production

In Today world, we have to compete against time and yet achieve perfection along our journey. HOMER provides our extensive OEM/ODM partners;

1. Specialized Research & Development services
2. Expert Product Design
3. Proficient Mould Development
4. Certified Production cycle
5. Secure Product delivery
6. Trained After-sale service
7. Certified Quality assurance
8. Licensed New Product releases

HOMER, provides a closer, as well as more perfect collaboration with Business Partners.


- Founded in 1975 with a team of decades of experience in OEM/ODM projects.
- Total Solution
o Concept, Proof of concept, Range of designs, Prototype development,
o Using Latest technology, methodology and techniques,
o Responsive expert design enhancements,
o Professional final product selection and testing,
o Certified production, secure delivery, Educated After-sale service,
o Certified quality assurance,
o Professionally documented to International Standards
o Achievable at the shortest turnaround time.

- Technology Leading in
o Telecommunication Structured Cabling System in UK.
o Proven high product quality, certified by UL, ETL, & 3P.
o Un-parallel qualified, experience team ready to respond to every Partners developing potential need.

Particularly, in the area of Communications and Networks design, Customer decision making will need to be supported by HOMER, a Team of Professional, well-informed, sophisticated advisors, who will offer a range of options swiftly, efficiently, which will provide both short term and long term cost effective solutions.

HOMER would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to our long-term OEM/ODM partners for recognizing our quality and professionalism.

HOMER believes that a long-term relationship in reliable cooperation that promotes mutually beneficial achievement of success is something very precious indeed. More notably, it has allowed the team of HOMER to become very good friends with the Business Partners.

The HOMER embedded System automatically tracks any customer email received, allocates to a team member, who will reply at the earliest time. Please just email us to obtain a better service.

HOMER, is your superior professional business partner, sincerely welcomes your participation and valuable comments.

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