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  A/V Patch Panels
The A/V patch panels complement A/V adapter inserts and offer a flexible patch solution. The A/V adapter  insert are ordered separately and can be quickly snap into blank patch panels. This modular capability allows custom configuration of panels to suit a variety of  applications. Low cost blank insert are available to fill unused ports and can be replaced with active couplers when the need arises.

FEATURES                                                                                                                                                                              - RoHS Compliant.                                                                                                                                                                   - Patent pending mechanical design.                                                                                                                                   - Compatible for 24-port applications in 1 Unit Height.                                                                                                            - Special 6-in-1 frame suitable for keystone jacks, couplers and inserts.                                                                         - Station ID designed to easily snap in and out of empty panel frame.


Ordering Information
  Part No. @ Description


-HM-K12 12-Port Blank Patch Panel. 1U
 HM-K16 @ 16-Port Blank Patch Panel. 1U
 HM-K24 @ 24-Port Blank Patch Panel. 2U
 HM-K32 @ 32-Port Blank Patch Panel. 2U
 HM-K48 @ 48-Port Blank Patch Panel. 3U

Note: Panels are sold empty. A/V Bezels must be ordered separated.


Ordering Information
  Part No. @ Description


-HM-SP24F 24-Port Front Patch Panel. 1U

Note: Panel is sold empty. A/V Insert must be ordered separated.


Ordering Information
  Part No. @ Description
  HM-3020BS-0A Blank insert.
  HM-3020BS-1A/RGR @ Insert W/RCA Adapter, Gold-Plated W/Red stripe.
  HM-3020BS-1A/RGW @ Insert W/RCA Adapter, Gold-Plated W/White stripe.
  HM-3020BS-1A/RGY @ Insert W/RCA Adapter, Gold-Plated W/Yellow stripe.
  HM-3020BS-1A/FN @ Insert W/F-Type Adapter, Nickel-Plated.
  HM-3020BS-3A/BN @ Insert W/BNC Adapter, Nickel-Plated.

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