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  Crystal System
- Keystone Jacks exceed the requirements of Category 6 specified in TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1.
- Pin assignment meet T568A and T568B wiring.
- Modular Jacks meet F.C.C. Part 68.
- Plugs & Jacks mating life: 750-cycle Min.
- 50 Micro inches of gold plating on spring contacts & blades.
- Universal IDC accept 23~26 AWG conductors.
- High impact 94V-0 rated plastic parts.
- UL Certified.
- PXX [XX=Color (Transparent)]


KEYSTONE JACKS                                                                                         The keystone jacks are female connecting devices in the work area where horizontal or outlet cable terminates. These telecommunications connectors are usually mounted in wall outlets, surface mount boxes or patch panels.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Description
  HM-3013A-ZH8-C6ABLR-PXX 180X Cat.6 Unshielded Keystone Jack.
  HM-3013A-PH8-C6ABLR-PXX 90X Cat.6 Unshielded Keystone Jack.

Ordering Information
  Part No. Description
  HM-PDC-A8-PXX Finger Removable RJ45 Dust Cover
  HM-PDC-H8 Finger Removable RJ45 Dust Cover
                                                                                                                                            Note: Patented (Taiwan, U.S.).


A flush mount housing used to hold telecommunications connectors.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Description
  HM-2013A-N1-PXX 1-Port Faceplate W/Station ID & Icon
  HM-2013A-N2-PXX 2-Port Faceplate W/Station ID & Icon
  HM-2013A-N3-PXX 3-Port Faceplate W/Station ID & Icon
  HM-2013A-N4-PXX 4-Port Faceplate W/Station ID & Icon
  HM-2013A-N6-PXX 6-Port Faceplate W/Station ID & Icon


A surface mount housing used to hold telecommunications connectors.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Description
  HM-SMB-1-PXX 1-Port Surface Mount Box
  HM-SMB-2-PXX 2-Port Surface Mount Box

The modular plugs are the matching male connectors for keystone jacks, usually attached to the end of a cable or cord.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Description
  HM-88-BRS-50-PXX Unshielded 8P8C Plug, Angled 2-Prong Blade, Short body
  HM-88-CR-50-PXX Unshielded 8P8C Plug, 3-Prong Blade

BOOT Material: PVC
The  Boot (Plug Cover) is designed to protect RJ45 modular plugs. It can be used for 6.0mm round cable.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Description
  HM-SR-60-PXX Strain Relief for RJ45 Plugs.


 A length of cable with a plug on one or both ends. Using stranded conductors for flexibility.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Length   Description
  HM-UU801-AT-C6BR-PXX 1 m  Cat.6 U/UTP CM Stranded Patch Cord, Unshielded 8P8C Plugs W/Assembled Boots, T568B Wiring
  HM-UU802-AT-C6BR-PXX 2 m
  HM-UU803-AT-C6BR-PXX 3 m
  HM-UU805-AT-C6BR-PXX 5 m
                                                           Note: Custom configurations (such as CMR, LSZH Cable) available upon request.


A connecting hardware system that facilitates cable termination and cabling administration using patch cords.
Ordering Information
  Part No. Port Description
  HM-SP24F-L8R5-C6A/BR-WH-                PBL/WM 24 24-Port Front Access Patch Panel W/HM-3013A-L8R5-C6A/BR-WH & Wire Management
Click here for bigger picture @ @ Dimension: 1.75" x 19" (mm)

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